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nakedflora ~ hi, i'm dalena here is a cyber kiss ♡
Anonymous:  Have you ever had a gf or bf? How many?

yeAh 2 guys who have the same first name lol

no gf’s yet because i had accepted my sexuality/sexual preference so fucking late. i haven’t had a ‘real’ long term relationship because of this reason.

Anonymous:  You're great

oh golly, thanks !! 

I posted that earth day photo on instagram earlier this morning with little detail so here is some more info:

This mural means so much to me. I’ve always loved to draw and paint forests, nature and mountains since I was 6. I was in the 4th grade when I won 1st place and tbh, I drew this LAST MINUTE before entering in the contest not expecting to win out of hundreds of kids. Hearing my name on the intercom was one of the best feelings I’ve ever felt and in my heart I knew I wanted to continue to make art for the rest of my life ~

Anonymous:  I think about you a lot. You'd be the greatest friend and lover (to that special someone) your personality amazes me. Even when I try to stop thinking about you. No. You're always there. But to be honest it's never a dull moment to think about you singing with me, watching a movie with me, or whatever. LOL WHY DO I CRY OVER A STRANGER. But you are my most cherished stranger.

my oh my. how mysterious.

save your tears honey bee. stop romanticizing about me and come say hi !!(unless your admiring me via tumblr) i don’t know what to say to that. 


do u ever get into bed with perfect hair and panties only and think of all the cuddles u could be getting